Conditions and Privacy

This page describes what we do with the data you as a member or user of our site (service). If you're over the age of thirteen years of age, we invite you to create an account on our site.

Data you provide to Us

As a member of our site, we invite you to provide information you wish to share with those people who are important to you. In order to do this, we require from you permission to store and transmit the data you upload. There is no transfer of ownership when you upload or otherwise submit content, only a license for us to store and transmit the data as necessary to provide this service.

Service use by minors

Parents or legal guardians (parents) may create separate accounts for children under the age of 13. In doing so, parents acknowledge responsibility for monitoring their child's use and communication of the service.

Access to private data

We provide means of permitting access to your recorded events and media to only the members you elect. By default, all data you provide is only visible to you (in the case of a child account, to the child account and its parents).

We provide an API and libraries for accessing and retrieving the information contained in the service. You are free to retrieve your data at anytime. The service is not a backup service. While we make regular backups of our data, you should not rely on this service (or any other) as your sole means of backing-up your data.

Beta software

This service, and associated software, is under constant development, and no warranties are expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular use.